Saturday, February 20, 2010

Waiting and New Worries

Well today I sent off a package to the Korean Consulate containing all the documents and forms that they requested. If I had know what they were going to ask for a couple of weeks ago I could have had it all ready for when I received my confirmation number but I was not given that information until I got my confirmation number. Bad system. But as it is they will receive it Monday morning by 10:30am. Thank you FedEx. In order to get everything I needed for the package from other places and get the package to them as fast as I could I have spent almost $80 on mail services in the last three days. That is just depressing. The math now is simple I will not be getting to Korea on time.

My worrying continues but I find its focus has changed. Previously all I could think about was lesson planning and how I was going to be a good teacher. Now I find myself worrying about all sorts of logistics about living in Korea. Such as getting a new phone and internet; getting utility services set up since I won't have a phone or internet service; finding my way to work and learning the public transit system; establishing a Korean banking account and just figuring out how much I am spending when I am spending my Korean won.

Ah the fun that is insecurity. Overall I have little doubt that things will work out but still I cannot help but clinch up when I think about arriving in a new country and having no idea what I am doing, how to get things done or how to get help? I guess I will learn by doing but I've always preferred to learn by schooling/reading/exams/etc. Oh well time to jump into the deep end.

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