Monday, February 15, 2010

The Beginning

I just returned to Denver Colorado after attending one of my best friend's wedding in Orange County California. At the wedding my friend's (the groom) sister spoke to me about blogging. She asked me why I don't blog? I had no real answer. I admit it is difficult for me to believe that anyone would be interested in reading about my life or about my thoughts concerning various topics. She said that I would be good at it because I am opinionated and a good writer. Those are her claims not my own. I can be opinionated and I am a good writer at times but I am neither of those things all the time.

Perhaps the real reason I have never blogged is I'm scared. I am scared to display my thoughts for the world to see. I am not scared about people's reaction to the thoughts themselves but more in reference to how I present them. I scared that I will write poorly, that my thoughts/ideas will be unclear and due to that I will be misunderstood. I openly admit I am worrisome by nature. I care way too much about how I come across to other people. In all my pursuits, academic and personal, I do not seek agreement with others but simply understanding. This blog will, likely, be dominated by writings about my personal experiences in moving to South Korea to be a teacher. It will also include topics I care about such as religion, philosophy, ethics and humor. I had to throw that last one in to show that I believe it is important to not take myself to seriously. Life is too short not to laugh.

As this journey begins I will say that I welcome any and all feedback from those who read this blog. I do value the ideas of others as I would not be who I am if not for the the work and thoughts of many different teachers, friends, family members and writers in my life.

Now I must dedicate this blog to my friend Lauren for it was her idea for me to write it. Thanks for the encouragement Lauren. So that means if you have any problems with what I write you really need to blame her.


  1. I accept full responsi -- hey, wait a second!

    I'm so happy you're doing this, Zach. I actually fell asleep last night thinking of ways I could wheedle you into it. Turns out I never needed to, because it's the most natural thing in the world for you to be a blogger.

    I'll be anticipating the next one.

  2. Love the title... and don't forget us when you go!