Monday, February 15, 2010


Well the worrying is off to a great and frantic pace. I signed a contract 4 weeks ago to become an English teacher in South Korea. School starts in two weeks on March 1st and I find myself sitting here in Denver still waiting for a work visa and a plane ticket. I have no idea when I am leaving or how long I am going to have before school starts when I get there. At this point it seems like it will be a miracle if I even get there in time for the first day of school let alone a couple of days early so that I can settle in.

My experiences in Korea will likely dominate this blog over the next year. I have never even been East of the Mississippi in the US and now I am headed to Korea. As each day passes I find my excitement turning a little more and more into fear.


  1. I'll try to keep myself from commenting too much on your forum, but just gotta say I'm familiar with the excitement-to-fear thing that happens before an international leap. It happened to me, too. I start thinking of all the things I would rather be doing, the comfortable places I'd rather be staying, how maybe home is a better place for me to be. Don't succumb to those thoughts if you have them. They're just telling you how big and wonderful and awe-ful this experience is going to be.

  2. Lauren, thanks for the tip. And please do comment a ton on my forum.