Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Appearances can be Depressing

Tonight I face the sad task of going to my hair stylist and sacrificing my beautifully lengthened golden hair in order to look slightly more professional or at least so I can look like a guy from the back and not just from the front. Short hair just doesn't look good on me so I find myself already measuring my hair trying to figure out just how much length I can get away with. I don't want to give up even one millimeter that I don't have to.

As far as wardrobe goes I think I should be okay though I am a little concerned by what they expect out of my attire. I have been told that teachers dress in business casual attire but of course what does business casual mean to them? To me all that really means is tuck in my shirt and probably wear a belt. But I'm used to California business casual and often there I didn't even tuck in my shirt. I only own two ties and I don't own any sort of sports coat so hopefully they won't be needing that.

But honestly does the wardrobe really matter when I am going to have such horribly short hair? My eyes are tearing up already. Like it wasn't scary enough for me to be going to a different culture to be a teacher but now I have to look bad doing it. Well I better head back to the mirror so I can look at my lovely locks for just a few more hours.


  1. Well my stylist has done her job and my long hair is no more. Now I know how Samson felt. The loss of hair truly is the loss strength...and the loss of beauty.

  2. Post a picture and let the peanut gallery decide!