Monday, March 1, 2010

The Countdown...again

So I woke up this morning and knew it was my last day here in Colorado and in the United States. I spent all afternoon with my dad. We got some lunch, ran some errands and just hung out. As we drove around I kept looking around me and wondering how different things were going to be in 24 hours. My mom came home early so we got to spend some more time together. Then for dinner they gladly took me to Chipotle. It would be both my last burrito and my last meal before I left. And the burrito was great. The tortilla was perfectly steamed, fresh rice and salsa and a great amount of cheese and beans. Basically I couldn't have asked for anything better.

After we got home my mom and I continued the constant struggle of packing and weighing what we had packed in order to determine what I was able to take. Space was not the issue, weight was. I had a lot of space left in my bags even after they reached their weight limit so that was a bit frustrating. But as we were getting closer to the end the phone rang and it was Rebecca one of my contacts in Korea. There was a problem; no one would be able to pick me up from the airport.

Now the people paying to fly me over to Korea are part of a placement company I am working with called HandsKorea. Basically they connect qualified teachers with schools that need teachers. They found the school I am now going to work for and set up the interview for me. And it is they who were going to pick me up from the airport. They work with numerous people flying in from all over the world. Now the problem is that multiple flights carrying other teachers to Korea were delayed causing many people to be coming in later then they were supposed to. Basically they were now coming in on the same day I was supposed to get there. Because of the unexpectedly large amount of people showing up on Wednesday there wasn't anyone who could pick me up from the airport. Rebecca apologized and asked if they could push back my flight one day. Of course I said yes and so now I sit here not about to leave in 4 hours but rather 28 hours.

In many ways it was a relief. I found out that the school did expect me to come to work on Thursday and Friday but now I will not even be getting to Korea until Thursday night so I will only have to work on Friday. That will give me the weekend to kind of try and get situated in my new apartment and new neighborhood and just get some sleep. But in other ways it was hard to hear. I really was ready to leave. I had spent all day preparing and had finally come to a place of peace with what was about to happen. I think it was dinner that served as the time that I moved from preparing to being prepared. After I ate my burrito I was simply ready to go. So when I got that call while it created no real problem for me it was a kind of let down.

So let the countdown begin...again. 28 and a half hours to go before I head off to Korea.

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