Friday, November 12, 2010

Los Angeles-The City that I Love

During my time in Korea there have been many things that I have missed about the US including food, certain stores and a shared understanding of the need for personal space but the only place I have really missed is Los Angeles. I truly miss living in LA. When I think of home I don’t think of Denver where I grew up or other places I have lived like Phoenix or Oakland or Seattle but rather I think of LA.

I often find myself drifting off in my head just picturing various streets I used to walk on or parks I frequented. I can see downtown, the pier at Santa Monica, the Rose Bowl and even just individual bus stops I sat at. I see them and I truly miss them. I walked so much there. These walks were time used both to clear my mind of thoughts and clutter it back up again with different thoughts. I planned out the coming weeks, months and years of my life on those walks. I made decisions about things as simple as what to eat for lunch (almost always Chipotle) to as big as whether I should leave the country for work. I wrote and rewrote papers in my head, read amazing books and just people watched on the beach. I prayed and worshiped, wrestled with old beliefs and new ideas and ultimately discovered God's non-existence on those walks. LA is a place that is truly special and meaningful to me. I miss it.

So many people speak disparagingly about Los Angeles but I can’t. Nothing they complain about compares to the wonderful treasures the city offers. I love it there and hope that maybe someday I’ll get to live there again. 

                            Pasadena City Hall-used to sit there a lot

Paseo-Where I went to the movies and did a lot of shopping

The Rose Bowl-I walked around the surrounding park frequently

Santa Monica Pier-I just loved hanging out here on long days

My Chipotle-3 blocks from my house and they knew me by name

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