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My Drama Class's Script-Save Our Earth

So one of the extra classes I have been assigned to teach is a drama class. I did it last semester and must do it again this semester. The plays are fairly short but very hard to get the kids ready to do. One of the funny things is that the first script they hand me is just filled with odd errors that I have to correct on the fly. So I decided to go ahead and type up the script and share it. This is the script as it was handed to me before I've corrected anything. So all the wording, punctuation and of course the plot development itself is theirs not mine. I wanted to share this cause I thought it would be funny. Now be warned it's BAD.

The play is called Save Our Earth!

And the Characters are: Son O-Gong (Monkey), Sa O-Jung (Monster), Jeo Pal-Gye (Pig), Sam Jang (Monk, Marrator, Baby Bear (BB), Mom Bear (MB), Contaminator

Scene 1: In the Artic on an iced mountain

Narrator: Here, now I’m in the Artic iced mountain. Uh?? What’s this noisy sound? I see! There comes naughty boy! Son O-Gong.
(In front of the iced mountain, entering noisily riding quick board here and there, sometimes hopping and coming back and forth making fuss.)

O-Gong: Hi. I’m a genius. Son, O-Gong. Who can beat me? Nobody hahaha!

Narrator: Look over there. There comes O-Gong’s friends.

O-Jung: (Making a cracking sound and coming in front of the stage)
Hi. I’m a water monster Sa, O-Jung.

Pal-Gye: Hey monkey! Trouble maker!

O-Gong: What? What did you say? Stupid pig man!

Pal-Gye: What? Silly monkey! (glaring at each other)

O-Jung: Please do not fight---(opening his mouth big)

Sam Jang: Little monkey! Stop making trouble please…

O-Gong: (annoyed and trying to take off his helmet)
That’s why you should let me take off this cruel helmet?
If you let me take it off, I’ll stop.

O-Jung: No way! You have been wearing that helmet for a century.

Pal-Gye: (nodding his head) Yes and you should wear it another century.

O-Gong: (grabs his fist) What? You stupid pig!

Sam Jung: (reading a spell)

O-Gong: (the helmet gets tighter) Ah!!!!!! Stop! Please stop!

(Mommy polar bear and her baby walking weakly hand in hand. Everyone looking at the bear mom and daughter and Mon Sam Jang also look at them and stop the spell. So now Son O-Gong’s head is not hurt)

Narrator: Look! Here comes a mom polar bear and the baby bear. But why do they look so weak> Oh! Thank to the Monk Sam Jang who has stopped his spell, O-Gong’s head does not hurt anymore.

Baby Bear (BB): (pointing the monkey) Monkey.
(pointing the pig) Piggy.
(pointing the monster) What’s that?

O-Jung: (to the baby bear) Who are you little beart?

Mother Bear (MB): (welcoming the Monk) You are…Monk?

Sam Jang: (clapping) Yes, I’m…

MB: (kneeing and crying) Please, save us…we are starving.

BB: Mom! I’m so hungry…(fall down with thump sound)

Sam Jang: Baby!

O-Jung: Oh-no. What should we do?

O-Gong: Why? What happened?

Pal-Gye: (To the mom bear) What on earth, happened to you guys?

MB: (hugging the baby bear) All the glaciers have been melted. It’s already been two months since we hunted for some food. He is almost exhausted because he was drawn into the growing ocean. I’ll be done soon.

O-Jung: (patting the baby bear) What a poor baby!

Sam Jang: Do any other bears have the same problem?

MB: Yes they do. We could be extinct in a few years.
It’s terrible.

Pal-Gye: That’s very simple to fix hahaha. Why don’t we just refreeze the glaciers?

O-Gong: What? You stupid pig! How could we refreeze them?
(goes to the corner and trys to take of his helmet)
Anyway, I want to be free from this helmet.

Sam Jang: (Looking at O-Gong) O-Gong, I think it’s your job to help them.
O-Gong: (Looking at the monk)

Pal-Gye: (Jumping up and losing his temper) No way!! That’s impossible. You know he is a trouble maker. He will ruin everything!

O-Gong: Shut your mouth! You stupid pig! I’m so much better than you, but I won’t do it.

O-Jung: (Going to O-Gong and punching him with his hammer two times)
Help! You have to help them!

MB/BB: Please,,,, please Help us please.

O-Gong: Why me?

Sam Jang: I’ll let you out of the helmet if you succeed.

O-Gong: (Standing up surprisingly) Are you serious?
I’ve been dreaming of this for 100 years. I’ll be free if I take off the helmet!

Pal-Gye: Oh! No---I hate that monkey!!!

Sam Jang: O-Gong! Will you help them?

O-Gong: Yes. I’ll help them!

Narrator: What a surprise! What happened to O-Gong?
Can he actually succeed at this job?

BB: (Pointing at the sky) Take a look, over there…

All: (Looking at the sky) What’s that hole in the sky?

Sam Jang: Maybe the glacier is melting because of that hole.

Pal-Gye: (Tilting) Why? What do you mean?

O-Gong: (Teasing Pal-Gye taking tongue out) What a stupid pig!
(To O-Jung) Let’s go!

O-Jung: (leaving the stage following O-Gong)

Pal-Gye: Hey, silly monkey!! Wait for me! (following)

(Monk taking Mom bear and baby bear off the stage)

Scene 2: Near Ozone Layer

Narrator: Everyone-Look at them. Oh-terrible. Hi is the criminal who destroy the Ozone layer!
Let’s watch what he is dong now to the earth.

(Contaminator standing with double-folded Ozone layer and armed with bubble gun on his shoulder)

Contaminator: There is more Freon gas than yesterday.
(laughing) There will be lots of holes in the Ozone layer in 3 years!

O-Gong: You can’t do that as long as I’m here!

(Monster hits Contaminator and hides behind the monkey)

Contaminator: Who the heck are you?

O-Gong: Don’t you know us? We’re the..! (looking at the monster)

O-Jung: Heroes to beat you bastard.---

Contaminator: Did you just say I’m a bastard?

O-Gong: Yes, you are! Do you think you are not?

O-Jung: (looking the Ozone hole) Look at this!!

O-Gong: The holes let the sunshine pass through to the earth and that’s why the glaciers have melted.

Contaminator: I just help humans pollute the environment.

O-Gong: Don’t you know that’s still wrong?
O-Jung, hit him with your hammer!!

O-Jung: (running)

Contaminator: (Shoot the bubble gun)

O-Jung: (bursting bubbles like kids) What’s this?
(falls down suddenly)

O-Gong: Sa-O-Jung What’s happening?

Contaminator: Hahaha…these are poisonous Bubbles!!!
If you don’t want to be like him, freeze there-!

(E) Bang! (canon shooting sound)

Contaminator: (looking with surprise)

Pal-Gye: (Appearing with a cannon on his shoulder)
Freeze, you guy!

O-Gong: (Happily) Jeo Pal-Gye!!

Contaminator: Who is the silly pig?

Pal-Gye: What? Pig? Monkey, I don’t like you! But I hate that guy even more!
O-Gong: Does that mean you are willing to help us?

Pal-Gye: Let’s try! (grabbing both hands high each other)

(O-Gong and Pal-Gye holding hands up together. Pal-Gye is walking toward the Contaminator, aiming his cannon gun at him)

Pal-Gye: Put your gun down!

Contaminator: (putting the gun down) What will you do to me?
O-Gong: Do you want to live?

Contaminator: (kneeling down) Yes. Please…Help me………

O-Jung: (Stand up and hit the captain with the hammer)
Hey------------------you bad guy.

O-Gong: You need to go clean up the environment, Pal-Gye.

Pal-Gye: (Try to shoot the cannon)

Sam Jang: Stop it!

All: (Everyone is starting at him)

Sam Jang: (Counting his beads) What are you going to do to him?

O-Gong: We have to kill him! So, you will take my helmet off!

Sam Jang: I said, you should solve the problem not kill him.

Pal-Gye: But if we save him now he’ll do that again!

O-Jung: And more bears will die everyday.

Sam Jang: It’s not only him who made the holes.
Every human on this earth polluted it. Come here.
(MB and BB are coming)

MB: (Approaching to the Contaminator and standing him up)
Please save us!! Please--!!

BB: (Holding his tummy) My mom and I are starving now.
We can’t live any longer if all the ice is melted.
MB: Not only us, everyone will die if you don’t stop this right now!
(Toward the Contaminator) Including you!!!

Contaminator: Everyone will die? Then, will I die? Really? No way!
Then we should save the earth together!
I’m in! I’ll help you guys.

MB: Thank you! Thank you so much!! We appreciate that!

BB/O-Jung: Wow that’s great!

O-Gong: Then will you take off this helmet?

Narrator: As soon as O-Gong begged for it, the monk read the spell.
Will Son O-Gong return back to his free life?

Sam Jang: (smiling) Now, take off the helmet.

O-Gong: (Taking off his helmet) Wow so cool!

Pal-Gye: Sir. What about me? Is there any prize for me?

Sam Jang: Yes. Not only O-Gong but also everyone saved the earth together! Let’s throw a party.

(Song: They have a party with song about saving the earth. They hold a picket about saving the earth)

-The end-

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