Saturday, August 14, 2010

She's Coming!

Well it's been awhile but all I can say is August has been a slow month.

I spent the last two weeks teaching multiple summer camps for all the grades 1st through 6th. I had no co-teacher for any of the classes and had to make all the lessons from scratch so the weeks certainly had some challenges but for the most part the camps went well and the kids seemed to have fun.

This week will be my first official vacation from school and the most exciting part of it is that Angelina is coming from California to visit me. She arrives Monday morning at 5am. Jong Woo's father is going to take me to pick up Angelina for which I am very grateful. A taxi would have cost between 50 and 70 dollars (one way) and the buses would have taken quite a while and been a pain with Angelina's luggage. All that to say I'm so happy that I was able to find someone to pick Angelina for me.

Angelina comes bearing many gifts for me including multiple books, a new hat and a 3 month refill of my medication. woo-hoo.

I wish I could say I had an amazing week planned out but for the most part we are just going to play it by ear. I've set up multiple dinners for her to meet some of my friends and that's about all. We roam around the city and I'll show her different places I like to go but for the most part I don't think we will be doing anything amazing or touristy. Really I just can't wait to have a close friend around to just hang out with and talk for hours to. It's going to be a great week, I know it.

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