Monday, April 12, 2010

Worth the Costco

I have to mention something important I have forgotten to write about. I got a Costco membership. A couple of Sundays ago, the Sunday after I got to see the hockey game, I found out where the Costco was and how to get there. It is very close to one of the train lines. So I went. The process of getting into the store itself was kind of difficult as the store was just stuffed with people who all wanted something urgently. I finally figured out where the membership desk was and discovered there was a very long line or more accurately there was a very large blob of people who all wanted a new card. They were all cramming forward towards the cash registers with the people at front fighting to grab whatever cashier became available next. It truly was a terrifying scene for me to watch knowing that I too would have to take that arduous voyage to the front of the line battling whatever monsters I may come across. Luckily after about 10 minutes of looking around I found the membership applications without needing to wait in line or talk to anybody but I struggled to fill it in as it was mostly in Korean. When I put in all the information I had the application looked fairly barren. There were far more blank spaces than space that I had filled in. But I waited in the line or you could say I waded through the line and got to the register. The cashier knew what I wanted, looked at my application and said a number which I figured was the price but as I handed her my debit card she said no. I looked at her as she said a few things in Korean. I figured out that what she meant was they did not take that specific card here. She then pointed over near the entrance towards where there was an ATM. I went and got out some money, far more than I really wanted because I figured that if they did not take my debit card to pay for my membership they probably would not take it for buying anything from the store. I waited again and actually ended up with the same cashier. She smiled and quickly typed in all my information and then pointed me towards the end of the counter. I had to move down and wait again so that I could have my picture taken for my card. After a bit everything was finished and I was handed a brand new Costco card. I went inside and slowly walked around both floors just finding out where everything was. I was by myself and using the trains to get home so I could not buy too much but I was able to buy some bread, meat and cheese for sandwiches. I also took the time to go to the food court and have a couple slices of their pizza. It was very good; superior to the Mr. Pizza I had had with Ben and Jinnah. Even better I was able to get a fountain soda there which not only had free refills but had the machines out front so that you could get your own refills. A month ago that would have seemed just like the normal way of things but now it was a rare luxury that I could not help but overindulge. I had 6 or 7 cups (20 oz) of coke and yes I soon got a stomach ache and cramps as I walked to the train and then all the way home. Was it worth it? It sure felt like it at the time. But overall I would have to say yes it was worth the cost…co.

Later that week Choi took me back to Costco with his car so I could buy some soda. I ended up buying four packs of canned Dr Pepper (30 12oz cans in each) and one case of bottled Coke (30 17oz bottles). So I ended up with 120 cans and 30 bottles and spent almost 80 dollars. Choi just laughed at me and I could not help but laugh a little too. In theory it should last me two months but just having the much it will likely go a little quicker than that.

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